Principle Evaluation

An initial coaching session allows the coaches at Inner Sports to gauge an athlete’s level of psychological functioning at that particular moment in time.


Our coaching protocol revolves around the three innate principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, and this website contains many examples of our methodology in practice. At Inner Sports we work with our clients in three possible protocols: in-person, one on one coaching; one on one coaching over the phone, and/or one on one coaching via the internet, including chats and webinars. In addition, the lead coaches at Inner Sports often lecture and conduct seminars for organizations, teams and businesses.

Improved Performance

Our athletes are among the most successful, competitive and compassionate players in the high school, collegiate, and professional ranks. They are clear thinking, able to understand the so called ups and downs of the season, and approach the game with boundless energy. At Inner Sports a player can track their progress through their improved performance, subsequent evaluation sessions, and most importantly, by simply sensing a day to day ease in their athletic and life pursuits.

Learn more about our “inside out” approach to performance and how it helps athletes uncover the states of mind that lead to success!