When an athlete uncovers the truth that their performance is not regulated by external circumstances (the importance of the game, a tough coach, a parent, an umpire or ref, an opposing player), their consciousness rises and the perceptual field expands as the game simply comes easier.

In order to play the game in this clear state of mind however, it is necessary for a player to understand the power of their own thinking. Thought is the creative agent that athletes use to direct them through the journey of training, practicing, and playing the game. When the gift of thought is used properly, athletes can create a reality of positivity and in turn persistence and strength. Unfortunately, when thought is used negatively, an athlete can get stopped in his or her tracks.

While clear and positive thoughts are natural, errant or negative thoughts often occur as well. So it is the player’s responsibility to recognize the emotional feelings that accompany both patterns of thought, and when negativity sets in, understand that there is nothing that you are actually required to do.; thus allowing the mind to quiet as positive feelings and improved performance emerge spontaneously.